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Greenpeace - Inspiring Action

arcoatlantico | 24 Abril, 2009 23:02

April 2009
Some responsibility from world leaders would be nice, wouldn't it?
This Earth Day, we launched two things. The first, our Inspiring Action video, made it to the top of the viral video charts and drove 70,000 visits to our Climate Activist page. Thanks to you.

The second, a petition demanding our world leaders attend
the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen has further to go - all the way to the summit itself at the end of this year. Have you asked your leaders to put our future and our planet first?

* Ask them to lead on the climate
dotline Susan Sarandon, not Boyle Susan Sarandon is giving you another reason to believe

The challenges of adapting our way of life to the realities of climate change seem daunting, don't they? Let Susan Sarandon give you another Reason to Believe in our second of three videos calling for an Energy [R]evolution. There is plenty more Susan to come - we will be launching the third video next month!

Rice, Rice Baby Double your rice

So far 50,000 of you have said no to genetically modified rice ending up on your dinner plates. We would like to have double the number of names on the petition before next month, when a key decision could be made that will affect rice dishes everywhere. Take a second to stand up for your rice.

Last, but not least: Greenpeace Australia Pacific's Send a whale site has been nominated for a Webby Award in the People's Voices category. Register and vote for the whales here - voting ends on April 30th!
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